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 Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist

Wire Rope Ladder

Wire Rope Ladder

We manufacture heavy duty wire rope ladder made of wire rope and Aluminum round rungs. Wire rope ladder are ideal to use at confined places where compact but heavy duty ladders are required. These are lighter in weight compare to wooden rungs ladder and wire rope give more strength than any synthetic rope.

Features :

  • Lightweight than conventional wooden rungs ladder.
  • Heavy duty ladder made with Wire rope at both sides.
  • Aluminum rungs size 1” dia, made of heavy duty corrugated Non slippary Aluminum tubes.
  • Length of Aluminum rungs standard 12" however can be customised to 15” or 18".
  • Side Wire rope standard 4 mm/5 mm/6 mm, Galvanised tested quality.
  • Wire rope ladders are fabricated by Aluminum ferule crimping on wire rope at both side of hole which give strength and no chance to slippage of rung. Crimping fix the rung on its place.
  • Distance between two rungs standard 15” however it can be customised to 12” if required.
  • Both ends of wire ropes having mechanical spliced eye with metal thimble.
  • Upper end having Eye hook or Karabiner fixed for easy mounting.
  • Wire ladder can be rolled easily and permanently mounted at fixed anchor points for emergency usage.
  • Available in cutomised lengths.

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