Braided Twine Safety Net

Braided Twine Safety Net
Braided Twine Safety Net1

Braided Twine Safety Net2

As the technology has grown to the new heights in the construction industry, it also faces more challenges of worker’s safety while working on risky altitudes. The technical aspects of fall protection and fall arrest systems have changed from simple strength issues to energy absorption as the fundamental principle to design and the performance of the safety nettings.

Braided safety nets are the ideal for all construction sites where strong and reliable safety nets are required for the safety of personnel working on risky altitudes. Manufactured by the most advance & integrated technology braided nets provide enhance safety and comply with international standards.
This machine knotted Braided Twine Safety Nets are made of HDPE Braided Twine and available in various combinations of Mesh Twine, Border Rope and Mesh Size.
Our Braided Twine Nets are available with different types of containment cover nets of HDPE.

  • Heavy strength to weight ratio.
  • Hight resistance to abrasion.
  • Net borders are secured firmly, and tie ropes are provided.
  • No knot slippages and uniform mesh size.
  • Heat set that gives a better dimensional stability and prevent skewing.
  • UV stabilized resulting in better durability against exposure to sunlight.
  • Braided twine unravels less than twisted nets thus minimizing the risks.
  • Net borders are secured firmly, and tie ropes are provided.
  • Recyclable 100%.
  • Available in 2.5 mm dia twine with 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm & 50 mm square mesh & 5 mm twine with 70 mm and 100 mm square mesh.
  • Above two construction meet dynamic/drop test requirements.