Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist
 Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist

Speciality Slings

❖ Ferretexx Coated Slings

Ferretexx Coated Slings
Ferretexx Coated Slings
Ferretexx Coated Slings

FERRETERRO molded slings have permanent coating of specially formulated polymer material with very resistant characteristic. It becomes harder and more resistant against cuts when laid around a sharp edge due to compression in its molecular structure by a stressed surface. These slings are ideal for lifting of sharp edge loads like steel coils etc.

Features :

  • Available in medium and strong coating variant.
  • Polyurethane coating from 2 mm to 25 mm thickness.
  • Coating thickness can be chosen as required.
  • Available in one side or both side coating.
  • Integrates abrasion protection for long service life, even in rough usages.
  • Extremely abrasion resistant slings yet flexibility and more durability than ordinary slings.
  • Coating as per required, possible up to full length.
  • Available up to 30 ton capacity.

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❖ Inversion Belts

Inversion Belts
Inversion Belts1
Inversion Belts2

Now all your turning devices for turning automobiles, chassis, Marble Blocks, Machines, Moulds rather anything can be secured on our range of Ferreterro Inversion belt or Rotomax Slings. These are heavy duty sling belts impregnated with Polyurethane and plasticized coating to grip the load and are almost Anti-cut. These slings can be made up to 30 ton load turning.

Features :

  • Damage free rotation cost effective.
  • Enhance safety due to jerk-free smooth rotation.
  • Increased work efficiency.
  • Available up to 30 ton load rotating capacity.
  • Available both single side and both side coating.
  • Coating thickness can be customized.

Rotomaxx are the special belt of universal sizes which fit all machines like Vetter, Load Turner, Pal Turner, Posi Turn, wimag, EZ Turn rather fits to every machine.

These belts are made in house in special state of art equipments to give maximum life to the product. The structure is controlled so that the load remains perfectly horizontal to the load turning device. Corner protector & sleeves and coatings together provide abrasive resistance.

Instruction for usages of Inversion belts

Although the ROTOMAXX slings are extremely heavy duty with cut resistant coating there are few precautions to be taken as under.

  • Sharp edges of load should be covered with protection sleeves. We have developed special 3G sleeve for Inversion belts.
  • The padding of sharp edges is a good job and recommended for longer life of slings.
  • The end fitting grab should be free of burrs or abrasive surface so that the sling eye remains intact.
  • The padding should be regularly checked to prevent slippage.
  • Regular safety instructions should be followed while lifting.
  • Check the slings before each lifting for any misuse of lifting safety threat.
  • Check for manufacturer certificate, Conformity to standards certificate prior to use.

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❖ Anti - Static Slings

Anti - Static Slings
Anti - Static Slings

The normal polyester slings are non-conductive against electricity. Our Anti-static slings are actually Static transferor where delicate electronic equipments are been lifted and static electricity can prove hazard. These patented slings are manufactured with zero resistance electric current transferor woven in straps.

These slings are ideal for lifting of :

  • Rotors
  • Missiles
  • Nuclear Warheads
  • Atomic Waste
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Explosives
  • Electronic devices

Features :

  • Our Anti-static sling has zero resistance wires on the webbing which transfer any static current.
  • We have them strategically placed so that the lifted product always remains earthed. (About 6 wires protruded fully running through the length of belt).
  • The end fitting is in contact with wires running through the same to transfer static to hook.
  • An added security feature we put a 1 meg ohm static neutralizer on the sling so it can be clipped to the product been lifted.

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

❖ Marshal Slings

Marshal Slings
Marshal Slings1
Marshal Slings2



The newly innovated MARSHALL slings are the best slings to use with sharp edges loads. MARSHALL slings have Dynaflexx protection sleeves fixed with heavy duty polyester slings. Dynaflexx are the most unique protection sleeves engineered in a manner that it provides advantages of both Anti-cut and Anti-abrasive properties. MARSHALL slings have proven their superb efficiency and longer service life at extreme usage.
MARSHALL slings are most economic slings due to their longer service life and comparatively low cost than any other Anti-cut protection available.

Types of Marshal Sling :

Marshal Slings Types

Features :

  • Made of high tenacity polyester webbing.
  • Equipped with Dynaflexx Protection sleeves.
  • Single or double side Dynaflexx type.
  • Available in capacity up to 50 Ton.
  • Safety factor 7:1 & 5:1.
  • Conforms to En-1492-1 & ASME B30.9.

Advantage :

  • Extreme cut protection & abrasive resistance.
  • Heavy duty slings, ideal for steel industry.
  • Low cost, high efficiency.
  • Light weight, easy to handle.
  • All properties of Anti-cut & Anti Abrasive in-built.
  • Longer service life due to Dynaflexx.
  • Marking to indentify side of use in single Marshall.
  • Marking available in English & Regional languages.
  • Gives approx. 7-8 time life than ordinary slings.
  • Customised for specific requirements.

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❖ Reeving Choker Slings

Reeving Choker Slings
Reeving Choker Slings1
Reeving Choker Slings2

Our product range includes Reeving Choker Slings with alloy steel hardened fittings. All hardware fittings are made in-house. These slings are ideal for choker lift. These slings available in two types; Choker hardware type & Basket hardware type

Choker Fitting type

These slings are made with a triangle fitting on one end and a slotted triangle choker fitting at other end. This type of arrangement provides very efficient and effective method of choker lift. These slings can also be used in Vertical hitch and Basket hitch.

Basket Fitting type

These slings are made with a triangle fitting at both ends. This sling can be used in Vertical or Basket hitch but cannot be used in Choker hitch.

Features :

  • Available up to 30 ton capacity.
  • Alloy steel end fittings.
  • 3-7% elongation with Polyester.
  • Available in Safety Factor 7:1 & 5:1.
  • Conforms EN_1492-1 & ASME B30.9.

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

❖ First Slings

First Slings
First Slings1
First Slings2

The round slings are the only slings wherein the actual load bearing material is hidden from the sling user for visual inspection. The inspection criteria of round slings are only relied on appearance and condition of its outer cover. Even if round sling have overload indicator there is no predictable way to determine when the failure indicator will be triggered. Even a perfect looking round sling on outside could have worn bearing yarn at inside.

Full Inspection Round Sling Technology

The Ferreterro make FIRST SLINGS have full transparent cover, which Embodies and protects without prohibiting a visual inspection of the working round sling, the core, the lifting sling. Ferreterro First Slings are available with Polyester/ Dyneema ® fibers by DSM.

First Slings Diagram

Features :

  • It is easy to clean, finished with PTFE, a treatment like Teflon that promotes the removal of dirt, grease, and grime as necessary for field inspection.
  • Despite of inspectable transparent cover it provides equal UV Protection to core yarn compare to other jackets of Polyester and Nylon.
  • High abrasion resistant.
  • Can be provided with international colour coding in tag area.
  • FIRST sling cover has opening of only 0 .004 sq inches while opaque round slings have immeasurable and continuous opening. Contaminates particles like sand or small metal shaving remains unseen in opaque round slings, risking hidden damage to the rated core yarns.
  • Can be supplied with Sliding Anti Abrasive sleeves as per custom requirements.
  • Available in Capacity up to 300 ton.

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution