Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist
 Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist

Pallet Elastic & Velcro Band

Ferreterro Pallet Elastic Band

Ferreterro Pallet Elastic Band

Polyester Elastic Pallet Band

These are ideal for low weight cartons; main advantage of these bands is that they will not damage the edges of cartons. Palletized carton can be tied up together with elastic type bands therefore no need for Plastic Shrink Wrap. These elastic bands are most suitable for Food Industry and consumer products.

  • Available in 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm & 50mm width
  • Available in different colours.
  • Fitted with heavy duty elastic.

Ferreterro Pallet Velcro Band

Ferreterro Pallet Velcro Band

Pallet Velcro Bands are available in 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm & 75mm width. Ferreterro Velcro Bands are available in different types i.e. Polyester Strap with Velcro fitted, Polyester Strap with Single D-Ring & Velcro and Polyester Strap with Double D-Ring & Velcro.


SPEED: Reduces packing time since equipment are not required to strap the cargo.

COST EFFECTIVE: Since these are Re-usable straps compared to PP Straps (Cord Strap) and Shrink Wraps save the cost of packaging.

UNWRAPPING: Extremely easy to unwrap the cargo.

HIGH SRENGTH: Provide greater strength to secure cargo on pallet. When use with Metal D-ring strap loop through D-Ring for tightly securing of the load.

SUSTAINABILITY: Reduces Single use plastic usage.

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