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 Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist

Safety Net Of 2 Mm Double Cord

Safety Net Of 2 Mm Double Cord
Safety Net Of 2 Mm Double Cord1

Safety Net Of 2 Mm Double Cord2

Personnel safety netting is not only an on-the-job safety requirement, it’s good for worker’s morale, it lowers your insurance costs and it gives your company a safety rating that will help you stay competitive on new jobs.
Our HDPE twine 2 mm Double Cord Nettings are suitable to install at the heights due to light weight and easy to install features.

These nets have diamond type hand woven mesh crafted by our skilled workers. The meshes are woven with two parallel twine of 2 mm diameter thickness that is why it is called 2 mm double cord net. Border rope and Tie ropes are made of tested quality yellow Polypropylene rope as per IS: 5175- 1992.

Besides these hand-woven double cord nets, we are capable to provide machine knotted double cord type net both in twisted twine and braided twine.

  • Light weight compares to other twisted rope nets.
  • Ideal for installation at higher floors.
  • Better knot flexibility to absorb the mass impact.
  • Available in 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm & 50 mm square mesh size.
  • Border ropes Polypropylene 12 mm or 16 mm dia.
  • Standard sizes are 10x5 m, 10x3 m, 10x8 m.
  • We can make any specific size net as per your requirement.
  • These 2 mm Double cord net can also used as second layer with Twisted rope nets.

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