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Cargo Nets Of PP Rope

Cargo Nets Of PP Rope
Cargo Nets Of PP Rope1

Cargo nets are used to load and unload cargo using a method of lifting that draws the corners of a net around its load to a gathered point located above the load providing secure and balanced lifting. Our cargo handling nets are manufactured from Polyamide and Polypropylene Ropes as these ropes have better shock absorption properties and therefore provide solutions for safer cargo lifting.

A Cargo nets comprise of three parts

1.Mesh Cord or Mesh Rope : The cord or Rope from which the mesh of the net is constructed
2.Border Rope or Side Rope : The Cord or Rope which surround the net and determine the overall size of net i.e. Length and Breadth
3.Tie Cord or Hands : These are the ropes attached to the border rope at all four corners, provided with loops by which the net is lifted.

Lift Arts make Cargo Nets are available in different capacities and design of construction. We construct these nets by three methods :
2.Tucked or Passing
3.Knotted Fabrication
Our nets are also available in different Capacities with combination of mesh rope and border ropes. Generally used Cargo Nets Specifications are as under :

Cargo Nets Of PP Rope2

We can manufacture Cargo Nets with different combination of Mesh Rope and border Ropes as per specific requirements. Safe Working Load of Cargo nets is calculated as per IS: 11521-1985.

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