Scaffolding & Vertical Nets

Scaffolding & Vertical Nets
Scaffolding & Vertical Nets1

Our Scaffolding Netting is a UV stabilized lightweight HDPE debris netting designed to protect workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure. These nets prevent and minimize the risk of debris falling that could harm the workers and nearby properties. Our debris protection nets are UV stabilized to prevent nets from degradation by ultraviolet sun rays therefore they last longer. These nets are easy to install due to lightweight and can be carried out easily. Our scaffolding nets are available in various weaving patterns and colour. Standard size of net is 3 M wide X 50 M length in roll form.

We also provide perimeter scaffolding nets which are made of best quality HDPE twine. These nets are available in 6 ply, 9 ply, 12 ply and 15 ply twines and mesh size from 15 mm square mesh to 30 mm square mesh. These are machine knitted twine net with surrounding border rope of 8 mm and 12 mm Polypropylene rope and available in different net sizes.


Barricading is one of the prime factors to protect persons against possible danger of falling inside excavated pits, manholes etc. this is used as warning barriers.

These safety fencings are made of PE, ultraviolet stabilized with rectangular type meshing. It is hardy and strong against wind, ant tearing & better structure stability, also reusable. Safety fencings are available in mesh size 35 mm x 65 mm and Roll size of 1-meter width x 50-meter length.