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Safety Net Of Twisted Pp Rope

Safety Net Of Twisted Pp Rope
Safety Net Of Twisted Pp Rope1

Safety Net Of Twisted Pp Rope2
Safety Net Of Twisted Pp Rope3

Safety Net Of Twisted Pp Rope4

Our Twisted Rope Safety Nets are ideal for the fall prevention and debris protection. They meet most rigorous construction demand and comply with IS: 11057-1984 standard as well as international market standard.

We have been manufacturing these twisted rope nets since last 20 years and through our experience in the field our company is the pioneer to provide safety net solutions. Quality with safety is the utmost importance to us and that is why our safety nets are the most preferable in the construction industry.

Our Twisted rope safety nets are available in both Passing type and Knotted type fabrication. In knotted nets there are both passing type knotted square mesh and diamond knotted mesh.

Our company is the first to provide unique feature of “Dual Border Interlocking” in passing type nets which give the enhance safety. Many of reputed construction companies now preferring the dual border nets.

Features :

  • Fabricated from tested quality polypropylene rope as per is: 5175-1992.
  • Available in Tucked passing, Knotted and Passing Knotted type.
  • Mesh rope dia 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm with border rope 12 mm,16 mm or as per requirements.
  • Available in mesh size 50 mm to 150 mm.
  • Tie cords securely spliced along with the border.
  • Fabricated by skilled worker by hand woven process.
  • Minimum sagging at the center and uniform mesh size.
  • Dual border interlocking feature in all passing type nets for enhanced safety.
  • Available in Single layer, Double Layer & Triple Layer. Can be supplied with Debris liner of HDPE Fishnet, Monofilament Shed net and Fibrillated Shed net options.
  • Debris liner fishnet available in 9 ply, 12 ply, 15 ply ,18 ply and 24 ply.
  • Any custom size nets can be manufactured as per requirements.
  • Also available in Polyamide Polyester and Nylon ropes.

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