Cargo Nets Of Wire Rope

Cargo Nets Of Wire Rope
Cargo Nets Of Wire Rope1

Cargo Nets Of Wire Rope2
Cargo Nets Of Wire Rope3

Wire rope nets are used to prevent debris like rock falling boulders and landslides which can be very risky for the people and properties nearby. Wire rope nets are very useful to protect the people, Road and nearby buildings etc. when installed on risky places.

Wire rope nets are very strong in capacity therefore these are ideal for the major infrastructure construction and industrial construction sites. Besides these wire rope nets are also being used to lift and carry boulders and stones etc. at construction sites. Standard specification of Wire Rope Cargo Net is as under :

Mesh Wire rope Border Wire rope Handle Mesh Size Net Size
12 mm 18 mm 6 Feet 4" x 4" 10'x 10'
16 mm 24 mm 6 Feet 6" x 6" 10'x 10'

Wire rope cargo net can be supplied in any other combination of Mesh Wire Rope and Border Rope with different Mesh sizes as per specific requirement.