Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist
 Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist

Pipe Bundling

As a sales channel partner of FERRETERRO We offer complete solutions for lifting and lashing related to pipe industry. Right from your shop floor to export cargo and pipe line laying project, we provide lifting and lashing solutions tailored to your customized need.

We provide all lifting & lashing solutions for the bare pipes as well as coated pipes. We supply Pipe Lifting Slings, Pipe Lashing Systems, pre- slung slings and One Way Slings etc. by using our products pipe handling becomes an easy job. FERRETERRO Polyester lashing have many advantages than conventional lashing systems. By using polyester lashing damage to the pipes can be prevented that too cost effectively.

• Handling bundle is easier, Faster and Safer Cost effective
• Re-tensionable and Shock Absorbent Weather resistant
• Light weight and portable yet high system strength
• No steel strapping means no Scratches
• Best option for Coated & Saw pipes
• Endless sling to be sent along with pipe bundles.
• Fast to handle and time saving
• No need of wooden lugs in vessels
• Material as per EN-1492-1 & ASME B30.9 Standards

One Way Sling For Export Cargo

Pre-slung endless sling/One Way Slings are inserted in pipe bundles, which are now ready to dispatch.

Need to restrain pipes on trailers and inside containers
We provide customized solutions for pipe lashing on trailers while in transit by road as well as lashing in containers for export cargo. Most of the countries now keeping safety on top priority to avoid damages by accidents like shown in pictures, now want pipes to be restrained on trailers and inside containers.

Restrain Solution FERRETRRO provides customised solutions with wide range of products like Cargo Lashing Ratchets, Lashing Straps, Hardware to restrain the pipes.

When the load is lifted FERRETEXX Sleeve remains in contact of load whereas the sling slides smoothly through it thus, allowing for elongation and free positioning under the load. We provide customised solutions for coated pipe bundling and pre slinging. Bundling is done with the help of high tenacity polyester straps and specially made Coated Buckles with the help of tensioner. The bundling process is very easy and even factory labourers can bundle the pipes once trained by our technical assistance and product demo.

The coated pipes are prone to get scratches when tied with iron steel stop, but with Dynaflexx Lashing System coating remains safe. We also supply pre- slung endless loops and One Way Slings for lifting of pipe bundles. These endless slings are available in various capacities and lengths.