Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist
 Lifting Tackles, Geared Trolley, Chain Hoist

Pipe Lifting & Lashing Solution

Pipeline Roller Cradle Assembly

Pipeline Roller Cradle Assembly
Pipeline Roller Cradle Assembly1

Roller cradles are used in pipeline lay down operation. The rollers evenly distribute the pressure on the pipe, avoiding the risk of cracking the welds and preserving the coating.
Roller Cradles are designed to support pipes and pipeline lifting machineries. Each cradle consists of wide range pipe sizes. The unique design permits quick disassembly for transit and storage. Multiple urethane rollers configured to support the pipe evenly and to prevent any damages on the coating.

The use of polyurethane rollers also eliminates the risk of damaging the polyethylene or FBE pipe coating that can occur using regular steel wheel cradles. In addition, high standard ropes are provided with the cradle in order to ensure long lasting life and safe operation at site. The Pipeline Equipments roller cradles can be easily disassembled for fast site repair and maintenance and optimized storage and transport. The Pipeline Equipment roller cradles comply with all applicable standards

Ferreterro Pipeline roller Cradle/ Rolli Cradle :

  • Ferreterro cradle is the ideal cradle for all line travel operations.
  • Pipe damage caused by steel wheel cradles is eliminated.
  • Even Load distribution.
  • Polyurethane rollers ride easily over weld seams and do not hang up.
  • Easily disassembled for storage and transit.
  • Ample capacity ensures safe handling of heavy wall pipe.
  • Suitable also for use as a lowering-in or lift out cradle.
  • Available in five ranges to accommodate pipe sizes 6”(168mm) through 60″ (1524mm). Safety Factor 5:1.
  • Replacement Parts Available.

Pipeline Roller Cradle Assembly Table

Pipeline Roller Cradle Assembly Table1

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

Steel Lined Choker Belt

Steel Lined Choker Belt

Features :

  • Aligns pipe exactly without slippage for bending, welding etc.
  • Roll pipe, Pull pipe, secure extreme bend-all without damage.
  • Fastest tool available for positioning and handling pipes.
  • Fully adjustable for coating thickness.
  • Easily repairable in field for longer life.
  • Used around the world on pipe up to 80.
  • Replacement parts available.
  • Strong cut resistant polyurethane coated belts on all contact area.
  • Load test certified.

Steel Lined Choker Belt Table

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter

Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter
Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter1
Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter2

Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter3
Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter4

FERRETERRO pipe line lifter lowering belts are ideal device for laying of pipe lines whenever high load carrying capacity is required with great supporting area. They are made of polyester lifting mats with two sewn-in eye traverses each and a corresponding traverse with hook.

Features :

  • Heavy duty PES webbing for durability & strength.
  • Alloy steel end irons for greater strength with less weight.
  • Web coated with heavy duty PU coating.
  • Blue vinyl tag with clear protective cover to protect data.
  • End irons painted/Epoxy coated.
  • Custom belts available for pipe diameter not listed.
  • Belts used around the world, in all types of climates, in sizes up to 60” diameter pipe.
  • Lowering-in belt and head iron sold separately.

Lowering Belt / Pipe Line Lifter Table

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

Bag Sling / Sling Mat Pipeline hebebander

Bag Sling / Sling Mat Pipeline hebebander
Bag Sling / Sling Mat Pipeline hebebander1
Bag Sling / Sling Mat Pipeline hebebander2

An economical solution for lowering pipeline where the weight and repetition is low. These belts are wide up to 36” and can be made up to 10 ton capacity of any length required. These belts are strongly bonded and strengthened for lifting. These slings can be polyurethane impregnated or vinyl coated for extra strength and abrasive resistance.

Advantage :

  • Higher load carrying capacity than web slings, with a wider contact area.
  • These sling bags offer the best support for sensitive loads like Cylinders etc.
  • Available in standard width up to 900 mm.

Bag Sling / Sling Mat Pipeline hebebander Table

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

Pipeline Restrainer Slings

Pipeline Restrainer Slings

Temporary Pipe Restraint (TPR) system is used on high pressure temporary flowlines. Properly applied, this system will provide an additional level of protection for personnel and physical assets by minimizing the amount of sudden movement in the event of an iron failure. The TPR system comes in two models: Standard and Premium.

TPR system is easier and faster to use and service than competitive restraints. It can be rigged up and down concurrently with pipework rigging, rather than the sequential rigging required by competitive systems. This means if you have a piece of iron that needs to be replaced, you can break the TPR and replace the iron without removing all the TPR. TPR system can be united anywhere along the flowline and quickly re-installed after a leaking connection is addressed. This allows the operator to resume operations faster and negates the need to completely dismantle the system to correct a problem.

Advantage :

  • The Standard TPR system offers a competitive price and utilizes the same installation method as the Premium system.
  • The lightweight material, combined with higher break loads than competitive systems, increases safety at the job site.
  • Premium system offers several additional features that further increase job site safety and efficiency on the well pad.
  • The links in this system are engineered with a unique combination of inspection features and can be quickly.
  • Inspected before and after each job.
  • The construction and materials used in the Premium system are such that they outlast and have better chemical resistance than any competitive offering.
  • The TPR system should never be considered as a substitute for due diligence with respect to proper selection of pressure containing equipment and execution of a regular inspection and maintenance program.
  • The TPR system can significantly reduce, but never eliminate, damage in cases of flowline separation under pressure.

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

Pipe Building

The pipes have to be stacked in fixtures/ steel frames so that initial shape is made by the pipes in form of hexagonal bundles. As shown in pictures above single stand or multiple stands near packing/exit area will facilitate the bundling. These frames shall be fabricated considering diameter of pipe and number of pipes in one bundle. For coated pipe the frames should be properly coated /covered by PU Elastomer/ foam/Rubber Sheet or any suitable material to avoid scratches.

Pipe bundling process by DYNAFLEXX

Once pipes have taken their position as a hex shaped bundle, they will be tightened at 5 places by Dynaflex Lashing with minimum 3 ton break capacity which would be more than thrice stronger than conventional steel strap. Lashing is done by a specially provided strainer ratchet.
For coated pipe, buckles will also be coated so that no scratches will be on pipes.


Process Of Pipe Building

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution

Export Packing One Way Slings

Export Packing One Way Slings
Export Packing One Way Slings1
Export Packing One Way Slings2

Export Packing One Way Slings3
Export Packing One Way Slings4

We supply one way slings for different usage and capacity range. Common application for these one way slings are lifting, positioning and transportation of various items mainly pipes etc for export cargo. These slings are inserted in the pipe bundles / Loads prior to dispatch at the designated load balance points so that no additional slinging is required while loading in the cargo, thus save the time and efforts. After the load reaches its destination it is unloaded by these one way slings and slings must not & should not be used again instead they should be disposed off. These one way slings can be designed for capacity range few kilos to 5 tons.

Slings are also be designed for 6 - 7 lifting usage for Pre-Slung techniques. Higher capacity Pre-Slung slings are also available as per specific requirements. All these slings are engineered and tested at the point of manufacture and labelled accordingly. These slings are endless types but can be made in eye to eye type also.

Features :

  • Designed to single use- One way and Pre-Slung techniques.
  • Pre-slung as per EN-1492-1 and One Way slings as per ASME B30.9 & DIN 60005.
  • Low cost with simple design.
  • Stronger and more compact then synthetic rope slings or other alternates.
  • Easy to use and can be pre-inserted in the bundles of pipe.
  • Save the time as well as cost on-site slinging & re-slinging loads.

Export Packing One Way Slings Table

pp rope slings, alloy steel chain, Lashing Safety Solution