Weldless Chain Sling

Chain slings offer years of service and exceptional versatility, as well as immense adjustability. Lift Arts make weldless chain slings are available in many different types, and slings can be sized to fit different lifts by using fittings like chain shorter that allow for adjustment. Weldless chain slings are assembled by using forged mechanical connecting devices like chain connectors etc.

Grade T(8) Alloy Steel Chain is manufactured specifically for use in chain slings for lifting purposes. The chain is heat treated for tensile strength and resistance to wear whilst also allowing for shock absorption. Chain slings are used primarily for overhead lifting and are generally used in conjunction with a crane or some type of lifting device. Standard sling configurations consist of chain branches, which have master link or ring at top end with some type of attachment, usually a hook, attached to the opposite end. Our Grade T chain slings are recommended for use in an industrial environment where flexibility, strength, resistance and long life are required.

Calculated Working Load Limit – Uniform Load method of Rating as per IS:15191-2002

Calculated Working Load Limit – Trigonometric method of Rating as per IS:15191-2002